ARC Solutions

Autonomous Rapid Communications (ARC) Skid

Where the ARC Trailer provides LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity with satellite backhaul on a mobile trailer, the ARC Skid addresses the need for Wi-Fi coverage where less frequent movement is required.  The ARC Skid is a purpose built, fully integrated remote communications solution. 


ARC Skid Features

Skid Form Factor 

Ruggedised and fully galvanised for simple transport and deployment with existing remote site equipment

Satellite Backhaul

Connectivity everywhere with automated acquisition.  Internet is standard with Layer 2 & 3 options

Secured Internet

Local firewall with user and content management with VPN IP-Sec and SD-WAN capability

Next Generation Firewall

Provides security and user / content management to provide cost effective access for work and entertainment

Flexible Options

Purchase outright or pay as you go with Opex- friendly “as a Service”, all-inclusive options

Wide Area Wi-Fi

Outdoor Wi-Fi access point on a 6m electric liftmast delivers up to 100m diameter coverage

Full Turnkey Solution

Bundle of satellite backhaul (35/5 Mbps), Wi-Fi routing, support and equipment for one monthly fee

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