Autonomous Rapid Communications

Being connected is critical as the pace of business now is real-time.

Being remote is no longer a disadvantage as advanced solutions can now be utlised using the latest in satellite technology. ​

​To support businesses with remote connectivity needs, Aqura has developed a range of solutions which have been designed to provide reliable, high-performance connectivity, regardless of where the business is located.  We call them Autonomous Rapid Communications (ARC) solutions.

Portable, connected and always on

Our portable communications solutions are a smarter approach to integrated communications which cleverly integrate satellite and industrial wireless, but also value-driven commercial models which are attractive for OPEX focused businesses.

Key Outcomes

  • Highly integrated solutions – Satellite, 4G LTE, Voice, Power
  • Fast deployment, setup in hours
  • Full turnkey solutions – equipment, integration, backhaul
  • Edge compute capabilities
  • Buy, Lease, Rent

ARC Solution Offerings

The ARC Trailer provides LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity using satellite backhaul and is a high capacity, integrated communications platform that is transportable, rapidly deployable and engineered to withstand the rigours of harsh, remote environments.

The ARC Skid provides Wi-Fi connectivity using satellite backhaul and is ideal where less frequent movement is required. It is a purpose built, fully integrated remote communications solution.

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