Bridging the Edge Connectivity Gap

Digitisation of operations is rapidly putting pressure on edge communication networks to support greater productivity and proactively ensure the safety of people when they are at work.

Businesses are looking to leverage Automation, Condition Monitoring, Communications, Productivity, and digital Safety systems to gain the benefits these technologies provide.

Legacy edge connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, isn’t ideal for most Industry 4.0 use cases. Organisations face challenges particularly with the throughput demands, diversity and density of digital devices that are rapidly flooding operations.

Connectivity is the enabler

  • Throughput and reliability to support majority of Industry 4.0 use cases
  • Convergence of networks reduces diversity of infrastructure – reduces support overhead and lessens chances of frequency clashes
  • Roadmap – broader choice of device ecosystem (lessens vendor lock in)
  • Coverage across vast areas or industrial precincts
Unified, high-performance broadband Private LTE wireless networks provide control and reliability to support next-generation applications and processes:

  • Fast throughout to support video and data intensive systems
  • Broad coverage across large areas and industrial precincts
  • Secure connectivity – encrypted across the air with low packet loss
  • Able to support a broad ecosystem of connected devices which align to a global LTE standard (3GPP)
  • Full Quality of Service to manage data according to pre-defined priorities
  • Highly cost-effective connectivity for thousands of devices per cell
  • High-availability, low latency and broad coverage fabric necessary for virtual PPE

Whilst Private LTE is the optimal connectivity to support widespread digitised operations, there are other wireless connectivity options such as Satellite, Mesh Wi-Fi, Microwave or LoRaWAN. Each has its benefits and things to watch out for. We like to start the discussion with your needs so we can provide the best recommendation on how to solve your use case.

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