CAN Experience

The focus of our Complete Access Network is to deliver a simple user-focused experience which is similar, or better than they would have at home.

For accommodation providers, we wanted to create a simplified administration process, a highly reliable technology which offered excellent end-user functionality, for far less than traditional video on demand and Pay TV services.

A User Focused Experience

Significant end-user feedback and testing has created a user experience which enables

  • BYO Password
  • BYO device
  • Use your preferred streaming or communication app
  • Simple scan and go In-room casting[1]

Adding value without complexity

The CAN platform is focused on a positive user experience but also provides a lot of benefits for accommodation providers.

As an operator, the Aqura CAN solution is a low-touch service offering. Users don’t require pre-configured accounts and our technology leverages commonly available TVs and Casting applications.

Fair Access

Internet is managed to optimise available backhaul. This ‘fair-access’ approach ensures all users have a positive experience without having to continually increase bandwidth.

Secure Access

Our solution avoids being able to cast content to the wrong TV and ensures users can’t access inappropriate or illegal content.

Minimal Admin

With the advanced development within CAN, user onboarding is automatic and doesn’t require accounts to be manually established.

Scale Easily

Expecting a major expansion? Easy. Scaling CAN is easy with simple pricing without complex and expensive core hardware upgrades.

Simple Support

CAN is low touch so you don’t need specialist support, and you can be assured that your team is backed by our In-house, Australian based specialists if anything comes up.

Let’s connect so we can share more about how thousands of users are enjoying the enhanced user experience of our Complete Access Network.

[1] Subject to app compatibility

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