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Our Complete Access Network (CAN) is an important tool to enhance remote worker wellbeing and offer an excellent user experience for guests in accommodation precincts. Whether it’s a remote mining camp, an offshore platform, or a large residential precinct our platform has been designed to deliver reliable and high-quality connectivity for all users.

CAN leverages enterprise grade technologies from global vendors, combined with smart design.

Our solution meets the demands of end-users who want:

  • Simple to connect and high-quality Wi-Fi access
  • Basic services (free-to-air) and flexibility to BYO their own devices
  • Access to their own streaming subscriptions when they are away from home
  • Ability to cast their content to an in-room TV
  • Intelligent bandwidth management to optimise voice and video communications with loved ones

Fair Access

Available Internet backhaul is managed per user to minimise and optimise required backhaul. This ‘fair-access’ approach ensures all users have a positive experience without having to continually increase bandwidth.

Secure Access

Our solution avoids being able to cast content to the wrong TV and ensures users can’t access inappropriate content.

Minimal Admin

With the advanced development within CAN, user onboarding is automatic and doesn’t require accounts to be manually established.

Scale Easily

Expecting a major expansion? Easy. Scaling CAN is easy with simple pricing without complex and expensive core hardware upgrades. 

Simple Support

CAN is low touch so you don’t need specialist support, and you can be assured that your team is backed by our In-house, Australian based specialists if anything comes up.

Let’s connect so we can understand more about your users and how we can help deliver a better experience.

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Our Complete Access Network platform delivers:

  • Secure, centrally managed access down to user level
  • Smart bandwidth allocation to optimise voice and video communications, VOD streaming and Internet access
  • Greater user satisfaction through BYOD device and enabling them to use their own streaming service subscriptions
  • Integration with existing backhaul or utilise dedicated links
  • Options to manage content access to block inappropriate content
  • Optional satellite failover