Content Access Network

A content access platform that optimises user experience for Internet, Voice and Entertainment in one cost-effective and feature rich platform.
  • Internet, Voice and Streaming access
  • BYO streaming ensures staff can watch what they want
  • Smart backhaul and end-user bandwidth management
  • User profile access controls
  • Content filtering
  • Dedicated Infrastructure or As a Service model

We are a specialist in the design, installation and support of digital communications and entertainment systems which are ideal for mining villages, on-shore and off-shore oil & gas facilities, care facilities, hospitality and accommodation providers. Our Content Access Network (CAN) solution offers a very cost-effective and high capability environment which is easy to implement with very low IT support requirements.

Free To Air TV
Cable TV

Inter -


Traditional - Dedicated Infrastructure

BYO Communications

Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime etc

BYO Streaming

Netflix, Stan, Foxtel, iView, Kaya, Disney, Apple+, Future....

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc


Browsing, email, banking etc

Optimised Content Access Network


Aqura's Content Access Networks

BYO Devices

End User Access

Wifi | Ethernet

Central to Room Access

Fibre | Cable | Existing

Central Management Systems

Security | Bandwidth Optimisation

BYO Streaming


Free To Air

Our solution meets the demands of end-users who want:

  • Basic services (free-to-air) and flexibility to BYO their own devices
  • Access to their own streaming subscriptions when they are away from home
  • Intelligent bandwidth management to optimise voice and video communications with loved ones
Our Content Access Network platform delivers:

  • Secure, centrally managed access down to user level
  • Smart bandwidth allocation to optimise voice and video communications, VOD streaming and Internet access
  • Greater team satisfaction through BYOD device and enabling them to use their own streaming service subscriptions
  • Integration with existing backhaul or utilise dedicated links
  • Optional satellite failover

Optimised for Business

Optimised Spend

  • Cost effective as we don’t bundle high-cost Pay-TV
  • Consolidate services onto one Backhaul link

Smarter Delivery

  • Optimised bandwidth delivery (QoS) to prioritise traffic
  • Content filtering for appropriate access
  • Distribution over Fibre (GPON), Cable (DOCSIS) or Ethernet

Secure Access

  • Full User Profile Management
  • Enterprise-grade firewall

Choose Opex or Capex

Our CAN is available as a bespoke capex model with full design and project managed delivery, or an opex model that scales as your needs change backed by Aqura’s NOC support team.

Chat with our specialists today about your needs. 

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