Industrial Connectivity


Connectivity, endpoint reliability and ongoing management – Aqura with Cradlepoint creates high performance wireless networks at the edge


Leverage the security and assurance of Private 4G/5G to create robust connections to people, assets or equipment across sites.  


High bandwidth, low latency and quality are all the hallmarks of a Private 4G/5G.


With the control and scalability of a Private 4G/5G solution from Aqura and CradlePoint, low administration overhead and high performance over a long service life is a reality.  



Learn from the leaders 

Even the largest and most remote locations need the flexibility of wireless connectivity for both wide-area networks (WAN) and local-area networks (LAN). Existing LAN technologies, including Wi-Fi, aren’t sufficient to address this challenge and this is where Private Cellular Networks are required. Download the paper Private Cellular Networks: Revolutionising the Wireless LAN Across Large Spaces to find out the benefits and best practice steps for using Private Cellular Networks.

Where to next?  

We think the way to a better connectivity solution is to start the conversation. Connect with one of our connectivity specialists so we can get an idea of what you are trying to do.  

The Aqura team are specialists in helping organisations decipher the vendor speak and cut to the important stuff to determine if Private 4G/5G can help your business get the outcomes it’s looking for. 

How have others benefited from Private 4G/5G? 

4GLTE Tower

Putting the Far into North Queensland 

This operation needed to overcome vast remoteness and incredible environmental conditions to provide reliable and vast coverage for their people.  

Learn how we delivered with Private 4G LTE. 

workers next to a conveyor

Connecting all the Things 

Private 4G/5G offers incredible opportunity to connect next-generation wireless sensors which can provide real-time insight from remote areas. With strong end-points and the reliability of Private 4G, learn how one organisation learnt it isn’t as easy as plug-and-play.