When people think of modern defence forces images of tanks and warships springs to mind. But by far, a great deal of time for defence personnel is focused on training and then relaxing when off-duty.

Advanced technology is not just found on the battlefield. Advanced simulations enhance the ability of our forces to train under the most-realistic scenarios possible, backed by insights gained from advanced sensors which can enhance performance and ensure optimal personal performance.

Installing Underground Wireless Access Point
Latest generation connectivity plays an important part of modern defence training. Whether it’s in highly remote areas on a field training range, or on a base, advanced connectivity like Private 4G and 5G can enhance the experience and provide the insight to review and enhance operations in near real time.

Supporting when off-duty

Installing Underground Wireless Access Point
Like many who work away home, it’s important for defence personnel to stay connected to family and friends.

Aqura’s Complete Access Network (CAN) is ideal for military accommodation areas. Users can utilise their own device to access the Internet, their own streaming content or communicate via popular communication tools like WhatsApp® and Facetime®.

In addition to personal choice in devices and applications, CAN offers

  • Low monthly cost with no Pay TV lock-ins
  • Highly secure access with content management and next-generation firewall
  • Fair use access for each user
  • Simplified onboarding and user administration
Let’s talk about how we can support with our advanced connectivity solutions.
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