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Our team of RF and Communications engineers have been designing and delivering services for customers over many complex projects. We’ve designed fixed and wireless networks which for large venues, large industrial precincts, onshore and offshore oil and gas platforms and underground and surface mines around the world.

Wi-Fi RF Model

Our services cover:

High Level Design

Our team are skilled in taking customer needs and creating a broad network architecture that can be used to create a business case or used as the basis to create the foundation for RFT or costing purposes. Typically executed as a cost-effective desktop activity, we deliver to high standards which excel in making sure the design surpasses operational expectations.

Detailed Design

The devil is in the detail and we love the detail as we know that it makes the difference in execution and operation. We go to great lengths to create network topologies which adapt and deliver across fixed (fibre) and wireless networks (LTE, Wi-Fi, microwave, LoRAWAN, etc).

Where others may finish at drawings and desktop surveys, our team are experienced in getting into the field to identify opportunities which can’t be picked up from a satellite photo.

Radio Frequency Design

Radio Frequency (RF) network design can look great on paper, but real-world conditions will greatly affect performance and can result in a solution which may not meet operational needs.

Our RF Engineers are specialised in the development and validation of 3D RF modelling to suit above and below ground locations which can account for terrain, adjacent RF networks, even for tree canopy growth. A particular specialisation is our ability to create advanced 3D modelling of large venues such as stadiums and sporting venues. Our modelling capabilities span Wi-Fi 5 and 6 and LTE.

Independent Review & Remediation

Getting a second opinion isn’t always restricted to medical advice. Given the unique skills and experience of our exclusively in-house team, we undertake a large number of peer review activities to ensure that our customers are getting what they need from their Industrial Wireless investment.  This form of review adds peace of mind before committing to purchasing and project resources.

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