Enabling Safety Overwatch

Industrialisation has seen a major decrease in the requirement for humans to be involved in industrial processes. Industry 4.0 promises even less requirement for human involvement, but for those that are still required, they must be provided with a working environment with the lowest risk, and gets them home safe.

Digitally embedded safety systems increasingly demand reliable and pervasive connectivity to proactively reduce risk, but also to document and report where risk exists so it can be designed out.

The path of automated machinery and sensor arrays can monitor, track and activate safety systems to prevent exposure to adverse environment conditions.

But in order to reliably serve, consistent and reliable connectivity is critical to link all of the process, systems and people together in an active safety framework.

With next-generation sensors, digital PPE and application integration, safety systems now can be designed to get as close as possible to support zero-harm.

Safety breakout

Designing an integrated and proactive safety environment. Even with automation reducing the level of humans in the field or operations floor, high performance connectivity enables digital PPE, communications and safety systems to link together.

Next generation Push-to-Talk handsets leverage LTE and location sensors to keep workers from harm with audible geofencing from risk areas, one-touch emergency with location and ability to easily alert nearby workers via a map.

In order to protect people, connectivity is the key.

  • Reliable – mission-critical availability
  • Available – pervasive reach
  • Prioritised – full Quality of Service
  • Future-driven – Base for next-gen sensors – V2X
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