The energy sector is transitioning through an amazing period of change.

Oil & Gas operations are leveraging technology in new ways to explore more efficiently, optimise production, all while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

And with renewable energy advancing at significant rates, technology has never been more important to support environmental, safety and performance outcomes.

Optimising for the future

The Oil & Gas sector is more focused than ever on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) outcomes which demand insight and control to ensure efficient operations which minimise impact on people and the surrounding environment.

Active insights from connected sensors and digital PPE are changing the game. Insight and awareness of what’s happening in the field can be shared in near real-time, adding value across the organisation, whether it’s a team in a local control room, specialists in a remote operations centre or a feed into machine-learning platforms which can automatically optimise and enhance processes.

Installing Underground Wireless Access Point

Delivering the new future

The future promise of renewables to support zero impact on the environment is driving a massive pivot to develop new energy sources around wind, hydro and hydrogen.

Coupled with digital transformation, the future energy needs of people and industry looks very promising. Automated wind farms, hydro installations operated with minimal human intervention are no longer a concept.

With many renewable energy infrastructure precincts located away from urban areas, remote connectivity for monitoring, control and communications is more critical than ever. Broad site coverage, and efficient backhaul are key elements to support.

With so much reliance on data to make informed decisions, both by humans and increasingly machine-initiated, reliable and fast communications from the field to decision centres is critical.

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