Enhancing Worker Wellbeing

Even with advanced digitisation in industry there is still a need for people to be present to support or execute tasks which can’t be automated.

When people are required to travel into remote areas to work, it’s critical that they have the ability to connect to family and friends, or to the entertainment and services of their choice in their down time.

Whilst some headway has been made to offer quality on-site activities when ‘off-the-clock’ it has been proven[1] that the ability to connect to entertainment or communication services (such as FaceTime™ and WhatsApp™) of the person’s choice are critical to support personal wellbeing of both them, and their loved ones back home.

Enabling quality Internet access in accommodation precincts in remote areas can be challenging.

Efficiently allocating scarce backhaul when many users are connecting at the same time and easily allowing BYO Devices and content, such as personal streaming video services.

Complicating matters is low quality connections from poorly designed distribution and Wi-Fi networks, or complexity to connect personal devices which creates poor end-user experience.

Delivering a better home-away-from-home experience

The complexity of onboarding, securing and ensuring the privacy of content from BYOD devices is a complex one. Aqura’s Complete Access Network makes the complex simple with a in-room scan-and-go entertainment experience. Once connected, users can access the Internet through personal Wi-Fi enabled devices, cast their personal entertainment services to an in-room TV or communicate with loved ones via their platform of choice.

Behind the experience is an advanced application platform which enables smart bandwidth management per user to ensure fair and secure access for all users.

For accommodation providers, costs are significantly reduced with no lock-ins for content, minimal on-site support requirement, no bespoke hardware and low admin overhead. All while delivering an excellent end user experience.

It is critical that remote area accommodation connectivity should offer:

  • Reliability – ensuring reliable and consistent access for all users, which can be challenging in highly remote land-based and offshore areas
  • Simplicity – making it easy to connect and access personal communications applications or content of choice
  • Cost effectiveness – leverage smart technology to maximise scarce and sometimes costly bandwidth and share it equitably across all users without costly paid content lock-in
Learn more about Aqura’s Complete Access Network solution and how it can help improve worker wellbeing, whether it’s a small exploration camp, a large offshore Oil & Gas platform or a mega-mining village.
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