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Being a Mitel partner allows us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of handsets and soft clients. Our product offerings are designed to meet your needs from the desk, to the screen, to the mobile device, and beyond, we deliver the industry leading solutions customers demand.


We can offer a range of IP phones, consoles, conference phones and peripherals tailored for executives to everyday employees for business of all sizes.

Wireless Phone

Extending the range of the new generation of handsets, Mitel’s Wireless Phone is a versatile device that is designed for users that have advanced communication needs and who are exposed to harsh environments or personal safety risks. It also caters for users who need flexible access to voice and data capabilities for reliable two-way communication.

It offers full-featured, integrated wireless IP solutions to suit your geographic and technology preferences (DECT and Wi-Fi / 802.11). These solutions permit the easy addition of wireless IP handsets to an existing Mitel ICP.

Unified Communications and Collaboration applications, operator workstations and call centers are pre-installed and can be activated at any time, as required.

IP Phone

The Mitel IP Series is a versatile family of modern business phones designed for today’s mobile work style. It includes business voice over IP (VoIP) phones ranging from entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones and devices with cordless handsets, headsets, speakerphones and attendant consoles.

It is a powerful suite of desk phones with crystal clear audio, advanced features and a broad array of accessories to improve productivity and mobility in today’s modern business environment.

SIP Phone

Mitel SIP phones offer exceptional features and flexibility in an open-standard enterprise grade IP telephone.

SIP Phone sets offer remarkable rich telephone features, a large user-friendly interface, and remarkable HD audio quality. Equipped with an extensive number of user customization options and call management applications, the SIP Deskptop Phone guarantees an excellent power user experience.

With accessory support for a detachable keyboard and up to three expansion modules, the SIP phone set is a powerful, expandable and environmentally friendly choice for those that demand exceptional functionality from their phones.

Analogue Phone

Mitel’s single-line analogue phones deliver flawless performance on your standard PSTN service, Centrex system or PBX.

It offers affordable, feature rich enterprise grade analogue phone that’s easy to use with a professional sleek design

The Analogue Phone delivers the latest advanced enterprise grade productivity enhancing features, in addition to all of the traditional analogue phone features, through handsets that connect seamlessly with the analogue extensions of your business communication system.

Reception Console

The Business Console is a completely PC-based call-handling setup with an intuitive graphical user interface for the department or office attendant.

It offers seamless integration between your computer and telephone, allowing you to answer phones using your PC. The platform creates a user-friendly call processing environment, allowing operators– or anyone else in the office – to quickly and efficiently process and route calls. Offices without a dedicated receptionist will benefit from these robust multi-tasking capabilities because anyone can answer the phone and handle a call without undue interruption from their work

Soft Clients

Whether you are a remote or mobile worker, the need to access your business phone from any location is critical.  Aqura’s softphone offering allows you to take advantage of a full range of productivity enhancing tools right from your computers – no desk phone required.

Remote Communication

Mobile users can remotely connect via a secure network connection, allowing them to make and receive calls as though they were inside the corporate network

Intuitive User Interface

Users can record calls on their computer, add customized ring tones, and configure HID-compliant USB devices through an intuitive user interface.

Communications Management

Users benefit from rich presence information, instant messaging, visual voice mail, and more.

The Benefits…

Broaden your Communication Choices

Choose the best method of communication like instant messaging, voice, or desktop video

Increase Workday Efficiency

Be more accessible and able to respond immediately to the needs of others through real-time communication methods

Stay Connected - Wherever You Are

You can use your mobile phone, residential set, or any phone to make and receive calls as if you were at your desk, so you are always within reach.

Reduce costs across the board

Deploying softphones means you can leverage your existing computer hardware, without having to install new phones or costly hardware. 

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