IIoT Network Integration

When selecting sensors for an IIoT network, it isn’t always a simple case of plug and play. Aqura specialises in integrating sensors across different fixed and wireless networks and effectively routing the data they collect securely and reliably to where the data needs to go. Poorly designed and delivered IIoT networks can:

  • Present security risks into an organisation’s IT infrastructure
  • Create reliability issues for data streams which impact decision-making
  • Increase overhead for unnecessary field support

Our in-house IP Engineers are skilled and experienced in the design, configuration and delivery of high performance IIoT networks which minimise security risk, particularly with the gap between Operations Technology and Information Technology narrowing to not just deliver oversight, but insight.

Critical to the operation of IIoT is the secure and reliable operations of the sensor network and the connections to the organisation.

Talk to our team about your needs and discover how we can help you navigate Industrial IoT to achieve better outcomes for your business.
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