Industrial IoT

As the volume of connectivity enabled ‘things’ continues to grow at exponential rates, a robust platform to securely aggregate the connections, manage devices and deliver data is critical to ensure effective and efficient operations. Easier said than done.

So many facets need to be considered:

  • What is the best type of connectivity to use?
  • When different sensors use different types of connectivity, how do you integrate them?
  • How is security embedded in the solution?
  • What happens if data has to go to multiple platforms?
  • How do you manage all your devices from a single portal rather than a multitude of different platforms?
Industrial IoT

The Aqura Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity platform addresses all these challenges and more.

Our platform simplifies and solves the whole communications puzzle allowing businesses to focus on leveraging the data we deliver to your platforms of choice.

Our Industrial IoT solutions integrates:


Powerful core functionality to minimise risk


Simplified, but powerful device management


Connectivity agnostic approach


Efficient mapping of diverse inbound data to various endpoints
  • Connectivity agnostic
  • Built in robust security
  • Single portal for device & connections
  • Destination platform agnostic
  • Map data to multiple end points
  • One platform for any & all of your IoT devices
  • Protect your data & IT / OT environments
  • Simplifies management, adds visibility
  • Simplifies connectivity & no vendor lock in
  • Removes networking complexity & risk

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