Industrial Networks

Latest generation network connectivity designed, and delivered, to support business critical industrial communications and network access.

Like you, we know that digital transformation is forcing rapid changes in business, and competitive advantage can be derived by how efficiently workforces, business systems and the fast-growing options for connection-enabled industrial equipment can collaborate.

The challenge for many operations is access to a secure, high performance network where traditional infrastructure is limited or non-existent due to challenges with backhaul and geography.

“A full-onsite Private 4G deployment from design to commissioning in 9 months? Yes, that was us.”

Aqura Technologies specialises in delivering high-capacity networks which optimise finite backhaul, overcome deficiencies in regional infrastructure and services complex site geographies.

We provide fast, reliable and secure Industrial Wireless solutions that are essential to efficient, safe and profitable business operations.

  • High capacity, secure bandwidth
  • Pervasive geographic reach via private 4G LTE or 5G
  • Industrial Wi-Fi
  • Traffic prioritisation by class
  • Enables site-based use of Cloud or Centralised applications

Industrial Wireless

End-to-End Solutions

Our in-house team has hard to find skills that span Discovery through to Support of high performance Industrial Wireless networks. This means you can count on us to have the right people to deliver, and we’re accountable at every step.

Specialists in Industrial Networks

Our dedicated team of in-house engineers have extensive experience in the design and optimisation of industrial network technologies. Our capabilities extend across:

  • Design & Modelling of solutions to optimise bandwidth and coverage
  • Optimising on-site networks traffic with available backhaul – microwave, fibre or satellite
  • Integrating site networks into broader core networks
  • Securing applicable spectrum licensing
  • Available as innovative OPEX (XaaS) acquisition model
  • Supporting and managing remote, high uptime mission critical networks

A Broad Spectrum of Industrial Wireless Capability

The Aqura team has a significant track record in wireless communications across a range of technologies.

Private 4G LTE & 5G

  • Private 4G LTE & 5G solutions experience across a wide variety of environments spanning remote surface & underground mines to large industrial precincts
  • Innovative RF modelling capabilities to optimise coverage and bandwidth (Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G)
  • Proven fast LTE project delivery model
  • Deep industry relationships and knowledge to support best vendor selection to meet requirements
  • Advanced technical abilities to integrate LTE networks with existing networks
  • Proven ability to value-add LTE networks – UC Voice, Video, PTT over LTE, Industrial IoT integration

Industrial WiFi

  • Proven scoping and project history across resources, retail, utilities and accommodation services
  • Trusted abilities to secure and protect Industrial Wireless networks
  • Advanced RF modelling capabilities for indoor, outdoor and large-venues (eg Stadium)
  • Unique capability to integrate Industrial Wi-Fi networks with other technologies – MPLS, LTE, LoRaWAN

Autonomous Rapid Communication Platform

  • Fast deployment, remote 4G LTE network with satellite backhaul.

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