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Mining & Resources

LTE network technology that facilitates automation, analytics and remote communications across challenging physical environments.


Powerful Unified Communications solutions to ensure reliable communications for enhanced customer experience and employee productivity.

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Flexible, high value connectivity and voice solutions to deliver better business benefits and end-user experience.


Specialist capability in planning, installing and supporting major wireless connectivity solutions for large event venues and public spaces.

A Fully Operational Underground 4G LTE Solution in less than a year

The Aqura Difference

Overcoming the ultimate challenges for wireless

The inherent challenges of underground mining and severe environmental conditions place considerable constraints on personnel, infrastructure and equipment. For many underground operations, the goal of a unified, high-speed wireless network has been a goal, but has been hard to achieve.

In 2017, Aqura was approached to design a solution to overcome these challenges. The goal was to deliver a high-capacity underground 4G LTE network which could enable high-quality video streaming and data access from deep underground.

The outcome was the delivery of a robust and reliable network solution within 9 months and this opened up the opportunity for the miner to advance their journey to a digitally-driven mine operation.

"The Communications Trailer can only be described as the nirvana of onsite workflows for geologists"

Head Field Geologist
Tier 1, Global Miner

Redefining Remote Communcation

In 2017, Aqura was approached to design a solution to overcome the challenges of remote exploration and the desire of this Tier 1 Global Mining company to introduce speed, reliability and responsiveness into their field operations.

Aqura's in-house team of experts took a completely fresh look at remote communications solutions and designed the Autonomous Rapid Communications platform.

This completely in-house designed and delivered platform completely changed the game for the miner's exploration operations with fully automated satellite backhaul, localised compute, power and a high capacity 4G LTE network, in a compact trailer which could be manoeuvred by a light vehicle.

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