Insights from the Edge

The ability to optimise operations critically hinges on the ability of the organisation to capture and then get that source data to specialists wherever they are.

Getting access to the insights when assets are offshore or spread over vast areas is where next generation high performance broadband connectivity can assist.

Modern wireless sensors can be installed and operated for a fraction of the cost than wired predecessors and can capture more data than ever before.

Modern battery powered sensors can leverage Private LTE to transmit data for up to 10 years.

It’s this flexibility that can provide highly granular insight into operations than ever before.

They leverage high-capacity, broad reach Private LTE which offers the coverage, security and flexibility to capture operational insights which offer greater ability to optimise in near-real time. Private LTE can offer a considerably lower cost of deployment than traditional proprietary wired sensor networks.

Source – gather more data from more sources

Monitor – build monitoring frameworks that leverage machine learning to enable pro-active decision making

Cost-effective – deploy sensors with significant density for lower TCO

Reliable – private connectivity, with assured quality of service to ensure consistent and assured access

Secure – encrypted data[1] ensures the data gets to where it needs to go without possibility of intercept or re-routing

Not One Size Fits All

Architecting an approach to support your Industrial IoT strategy is an important phase of your data strategy. Speak to our connectivity specialists about how we can

  • help architect the connectivity,
  • integrate your devices, and
  • support your source data to flow reliably and consistently.

[1] Encryption over the Private LTE network

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