Application Integrations

The biggest opportunities for companies when executing advanced Industrial Wireless environments, particularly LTE, comes from integrating applications and functions to run seamlessly across the network.

Our engineering team has integrated numerous applications and devices to seamlessly benefit from the throughput, quality of service and encryption characteristics of LTE. We have over 25 applications integrations completed and our team continues to work with customers to deliver more.


  • Corporate Data

  • Internet 

  • Wi-Fi hotspot over LTE (backhaul) 

Asset Management & Autonomy

  • Minestar®

  • FrontRunner®

  • AHS (Autonomous Haulage System)

  • ADS (Autonomous Drilling System)

  • Asset Tracking

Voice & Video

Sensors & IIoT

  • Bore Field Telemetry

  • Narrow-Band IoT 

  • CAT-M1

Mine Management

  • Modular Mining

  • Modular Dispatch

  • Modular Minecare

  • CAES (Computer Aided Earthmoving System)

  • Aquila (Drill visualisation)

  • Phindows (Drill & Blast)

  • SAP

  • GNSS RTK corrections

Slope Monitoring

  • Autoslope

  • Trimble4D

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