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Automation and digitisation in supply chain is rapidly accelerating as operators look to capitalise upon Industry 4.0 to become more productive, cost-efficient, and agile to scale according to market demand.

How Does Aqura Help?

Aqura is a specialist in development of industrial connectivity to provide a reliable and cost-effective connectivity solution across supply chain organisations. Whether it’s latest generation Wi-Fi 6, high-performance Private 4G/5G solutions, or the latest in Industrial IoT we have the options to support your warehouse and logistics needs.

  • Detailed radio frequency planning for complex industrial precincts
  • Vendor selection for optimal coverage
  • Integration of various applications over the network – autonomy, CCTV, communications, data access
  • Integration of Industrial IoT devices – UGVs, Asset Tracking, Condition Monitoring, Access Control and more
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Why Private 5G for Warehousing?

We get asked regularly why the supply chain sector should look to move to advanced wireless technologies. The answer is simple. Private 5G will become more commonplace for large warehouses as the technology provides more reliable and effective communications. Here’s how:

  • Less interference from large metal racking systems
  • Better signal coverage to cope with constantly changing packing densities and locations
  • True quality of service for each application or process
  • Versality offered by one high capacity network – Voice, Video, Data, IoT
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Other solutions to enhance supply chain

Aqura, as part of the broader Telstra Purple group of businesses can assist with overarching connectivity strategy to create solutions which span not just a single location, but can leverage one of Australia’s largest IoT carrier mobile networks.

Our solutions complement IoT via road or rail transport to enable fast and efficient warehousing to optimise product handling.

  • Vehicle tracking & condition monitoring
  • IoT Device feasibility reviews
  • Advanced Wi-Fi modelling
  • Spectrum acquisition and management
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