LTE as a Service

The requirement for reliable high-speed connectivity is critical now for organisations that are moving to digitally driven operations to improve efficiency and increase their competitiveness. In remote areas which require broad coverage and connectivity to support distributed operations, LTE is ideal and offers:

  • ​High-speed coverage across vast areas
  • Low latency, even with a high density of devices
  • No interruptions from other devices on unlicensed frequencies (i.e. Wi-Fi)
  • Reliable, carrier-grade service
  • Standards-based quality of service (QoS)
  • Extensive ecosystem of applications – MCPTT, CCTV, IoT

Making the case for LTE has been challenging in the past for smaller operations. This is not the case anymore.

Aqura Technologies has leveraged its extensive experience in the delivery of high-performance private LTE networks to create LTE-as-a-Service (LTEaaS).

Why LTE?

– High-performance connectivity

– Carrier-grade reliability

– Embedded QoS

– Global standards and roadmap for interoperability

– Broad geographic coverage

– Mission-critical. Fit for purpose

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A Better Approach to Connectivity

LTEaaS is a new approach to the delivery of private industrial wireless networks and offers:

Pay as you need

Offering an OPEX approach to wireless access which aligns with cash-flow driven operations, and minimises capital overhead of investing in future capacity, which isn’t needed in early stages.

Highly scalable

The model supports starting small, such as construct phase, and can then scale when in full operation, without the need to upgrade core infrastructure

Low touch resourcing

We manage and support you with our in-house team. You don’t need specialists to run your network. We do and you have the reassurance of robust SLAs which let you get on with the job.

Add features

Start with your core functionality and add features like IoT and MC-PTT to get even more value.

Making the best more accessible

LTEaaS provides the right approach for organisations that need reliable, high-speed communications, but want the flexibility of low initial capital outlay and the ability to scale rapidly and efficiently.

This new approach means you can focus on your operation and leave the delivery of high-performance connectivity to us.

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