Push-to-Talk (PTT) over LTE Mission Critical Communications

The benefits of 4G LTE to deliver increased productivity and greater levels of safety are being realised across a wide range of business operations. No longer are disparate systems and technologies needing to be deployed for different applications.


PTT over LTE at a Glance

  • Instant person to person or group communications without needing to deploy a 2-way VHF/UHF network
  • Supports advanced features such as IM and Video
  • Embedded location-based services
  • Reliable and secure digital communications

Value-Adding LTE

Our Push-to-Talk (PTT) over Private LTE platform further expands the value of our Private 4G LTE network solutions with an advanced feature set, such as a data and video, and offers far greater benefits than traditional trunk radio and LMR systems which are limited to voice only.

And you have the reassurance that our PTT over LTE platform conforms to 3GPP standards and is MCPTT compliant.


Upgrade to clearer communications

Coupled with the reach, reliability of coverage and enhanced capabilities that 4G LTE brings, PTT over LTE is a powerful foundation for mission-critical communications.

Fast and Secure

Digital encoding ensures high-quality voice, with low voice latency (sub 300ms).


One-touch SOS mode with instant user location identification.

Highly Scalable

Support for thousands of users without service degradation

Selective or Group Broadcast

Communicate one-on-one, group level or full network broadcast.

Device Tracking

Embedded location services within handsets track location of each user.

Priority Mode

Ability to override communications with priority mode.

More than voice

PTT over LTE also enables instant messaging, images and video (device dependent)

End-users can utilise a range of handsets from simple voice-only handsets, in-vehicle units and ruggedised LTE and Wi-Fi smartphones.

Industry Benefits


Communications across sites is critical. With increasing span and complexity in site topologies and infrastructure, locating and communicating with people wherever they are is critical for safe and efficient operations.

  • Simplified team communications – group by operations, security, maintenance, infrastructure teams; with the opportunity for instant all-group communications
  • Tagging of users to device enables location tracking of personnel for productivity and safety (particularly lone-worker situations)
  • Proximity Geo-fencing with alert tones (i.e. blast areas)
  • Ability to operate across surface and underground operations
  • Opportunity to record communications for reporting and incident investigation
  • Ruggedised devices which can handle the challenges of remote and harsh terrain


Oil & Gas

With remote operations and complex infrastructure running 24/7, it’s essential that workers have access to reliable communications whether it’s on an offshore platform, or on a broad expanse production precinct. PTT over LTE provides significant benefits to oil & gas operators including

  • Reliable communication unaffected by buildings, or line of site issues
  • Location monitoring of personnel by device
  • Explosion-rated PTT Devices offer greater operability in hazardous areas
  • Instant SOS functionality


Manufacturing & Production

Enterprises operating over large industrial precincts can harness the benefits of a dedicated PTT over LTE communications platform.

  • Dedicated site communications network with no interference from other technologies (i.e. UHF)
  • Secure encryption ensures your communications cannot be intercepted by others
  • High availability without reliance on congested, or low signal public mobile networks
  • Ability to track movements of users to ensure safe operations (i.e. fleet movements)
  • Instant site-wide communications in case of emergency

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