New Private 4G for Port Hedland

Port of Port Hedland
  • Aqura selected to deliver high-performance Private 4G solution for Pilbara Ports Authority
  • Strategic initiative to deliver secure, high-speed wireless for port operations and seafarer internet access network at the Port of Port Hedland
  • Leverages Aqura’s background in delivering large-scale Private 4G solutions

Aqura Technologies (Aqura), a Telstra Purple company, has announced it will design and deliver an advanced Private 4G network for the Port Hedland based operation of Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA).

The new standalone broadband network will support PPA’s extensive marine digital platforms, enhance worker mobility and provide seafarers with independent high-speed connectivity when visiting the Port of Port Hedland.

Aqura Chief Operations Officer, Alan Seery highlighted the importance of the technology solution, adding the value it would bring from having access to real-time operational data, environmental monitoring, and production improvements.

“The solution Aqura has designed blends the best in operational network capability with enhanced user experience, accessible across the extensive Port of Port Hedland operations and out to sea,” said Seery.

“Our installation of Private 4G at the Port of Port Hedland will leverage the expanded capabilities of Private 4G that will assist the PPA in driving safety, productivity and efficiency initiatives.

“The communications network, upgradeable to 5G as technology advances, also offers more control and flexibility to support Industry 4.0 use cases and other technologies such as IoT.”

Alan Seery

A/Managing Director

Port of Port Hedland

Aerial of Port of Port Hedland WA. Image Courtesy of Pilbara Ports Authority

A multi-faceted solution

Private 4G requires the delivery of several prioritised services for a range of different end-use cases. The network leverages the embedded Quality of Service capability and high throughput of 4G and is dimensioned to ensure that the extensive marine sensors network that PPA utilises has reliable and robust connectivity to ensure the safe passage of vessels through challenging waterways in the area.

Keeping Connected

Keeping connected to loved ones

The private network will also enable PPA staff to access their corporate and operational systems reliably and securely from anywhere across their extensive port operations, which enhances productivity and improves access to digital safety systems and procedures.

Better welfare through technology

To ensure the wellbeing and welfare of seafarers is enhanced whilst being restricted to their vessels at berth or at anchor, Aqura will leverage its Complete Access Network platform to deliver a secure, user-friendly service for seafarers to allow them to make voice or video calls to loved ones, watch their preferred streaming service or just browse the internet or social media from their own devices.


The project has kicked off with the network planned to be live by the end of 2022.

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