Private 4G & 5G

Digitisation of enterprises with new generation technologies is now a mandatory to increase control, enhance insight and create safer workplaces.

Critical to supporting these new technologies is advanced, high-performance, ubiquitous wireless broadband access to support user mobility, automated equipment and next-generation sensors.

How Does Private 4G & 5G Support Organisations?

Latest generation Private 4G & 5G solutions are doing the heavy lifting to support digitisation in enterprises by filling the connectivity gap at the edge.


Convergence of IT and OT systems requires high-speed, secure connectivity wherever the assets, people or devices are across large areas of operations.


Insight can only get you so far if you can’t communicate with your people or control your assets quickly in the field to action productivity improvements


High-quality, low-latency connectivity is quickly becoming a necessity to support digital safety systems and Digital PPE.

And so much more relies upon reliable, high-speed, quality wireless connectivity.

Why Private 4G or 5G?

Private 4G/5G has become a new global standard for connecting devices, people and equipment across large industrial precincts and offers.


Dedicated spectrum and embedded Quality of Service significantly eliminates chances of interference or data loss.


Encrypted data over the air and defined traffic management means data gets where it needs to go quickly, reliably and securely. 


With near fixed-line speeds possible, and even greater with 5G, broad coverage high-speed wireless broadband is making it more cost-effective to connect many people, devices and assets than ever before.

And with CAPEX or blended OPEX commercial models available, Aqura makes it easier to access or upgrade your existing edge connectivity to suit your commercial preferences.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s some examples of how our customers are benefiting from our Private 4G/5G solutions.


Increase in productivity moving automation on to on Private 4G


Decrease in connectivity disruptions after moving from Wi-Fi

ROI payback on infrastructure since changeover from Wi-Fi

Use cases

Private 4G/5G solutions are critical for a variety of industries where high-performance networks, reliability and security are essential to optimise your operations. 

Foundation for the Future

Every Aqura Private 4G and 5G networks adhere to 3GPP global standards, which provides assurance that your investment is aligned to a global framework which hundreds of equipment manufacturers, carriers, device manufacturers and end users adhere and contribute to for future generations.

Private 4G/5G provides the foundation for new applications and capabilities such as Mission Critical Push-to-Talk, Industrial IoT, Digital Safety and more.

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