Private 4G & 5G (IIoT)

The inherent security, reach and reliability of Private LTE offers some of the lowest costs of deployment for Industrial IoT (IIoT) sensors to enable operational insight.

Whether Private LTE acts as the primary transport for LTE and Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) sensors or backhaul for remotely located sensor gateways leveraging LoRaWAN or Bluetooth (BLE), the opportunities are significant and the insights that await can be invaluable to support agile decision-making.

Aqura has designed, validated and delivered a number of Industrial IoT solutions leveraging Private LTE from leading global vendors to enable IIoT which are highly cost-effective and can scale rapidly once the value from the data is realised.

With the coverage that Private LTE offers, the variety of sensors and up to 10-year battery life of some devices, there has never been a better time to look at Private LTE, and for not just IIoT.

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