Industrial IoT

The advance of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications represents a major enabler of Industry 4.0. Industrial M2M communications is orchestrated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and will offer enterprises unprecedented access to data from all elements of their operations, providing insight and fuel for agile decision-making. 

Internet of Things at the Edge

In order to gain smooth, secure and unimpeded access to the data from a potentially vast ecosystem of sensors, processes and people, organisations must have optimised network connectivity which suits the unique and often varied characteristics of IoT devices, irrespective of how they connect. 

Aqura offers a broad range of integration, connectivity options and partnerships with leading Industrial IoT (IIoTdevice vendors which leverage the benefits of our Industrial Wireless solutions. We can optimise Industrial IoT across an operating site and also offer solutions which leverage one of the world’s largest mobile data carriers 

Enabling the IoT connection 

To gain the greatest benefit from Industrial IoT, broader alignment between the devices, connectivity and routing to where the data can realise value must be secure, reliable and easy to orchestrate. Our focus is to achieve integration from device through to insight.

Find out how we can provide connectivity to enable organisations to leverage insights from their assets in areas where there is already public LTE coverage.

Learn how the inherent security, reach and reliability of Private LTE offers some of the lowest costs of deployment for IIoT sensors to enable operational insight 

Learn how our team can not only stand up dedicated LoRaWAN networks, but can also integrate LoRaWAN into fixed or wireless (LTE) backhaul.

Ensuring secure and reliable performance is critical for any IoT sensor deployment. Learn more about our testing and validation for IoT field deployments. 

When selecting sensors for an IIoT network, it isn’t always a simple case of plug and play. Learn how we integrate sensors across different fixed and wireless networks.

Contact us and we can discuss how you help can gain control of your IIoT plans.
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