The mining industry was traditionally not viewed as early adopters when it came to technology adoption. Not anymore. Modern mining leverages a great deal of technology to advance outcomes across safety, productivity and more.

Technology to drive optimisation

Visit any mine operation and the adoption of technology is still advancing.

Major operators are automating processes and large equipment for game-changing productivity upgrades. Now they’re investing in other digitisation initiatives to streamline through near real-time data driven decision making, and proactive safety systems which bring the sector ever closer to zero-harm.

With modern mining now advanced in optimisation, it’s the collective 1% improvements which are giving operations the ability to respond to a new future of smart machinery, talent constraints and demand to deliver faster and cheaper.

Technology to advance wellbeing

With resources operations taking place in highly remote areas, we look after the wellbeing of people when they’re off shift. Our access solutions enable remote workers to connect with loved ones, relax with on-line content of their choice via their own device, or casting their own streaming service to an in-room TV.

Make the move today

We’ve helped many organisations with smart technology solutions that enable their digital initiatives. And with new advances such as Private 5G, Industrial IoT, digital safety platforms and more, we’re enabling the next generation of mining operations.

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