Spectrum Advisory

There are great opportunities in Australia to leverage high capacity and reliable spectrum for Private 4G and 5G uses. We have the track record of success in navigating the complexities for our customers to ensure they can access the necessary spectrum to reduce risk in their deployments and ensure their future needs are catered for.

Our team has a long-standing relationship with the Australian Communications and Media Authority and well versed in understanding the intricacies in the processes to identify, acquire and manage spectrum allocations. We are also experienced in negotiating with spectrum holders to make available Spectrum for 3rd party use.

Our capabilities extend across

  • Initial investigation of available spectrum for an area
  • Radio Frequency Reviews to map against coverage and use case requirements
  • Application submissions on behalf of spectrum-seeker
  • Ability to build justification submissions to validate user applications for spectrum use
  • Allocation management and renewals process

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