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Enabling real-time remote communications

Remote Comms

The Outcomes

  • Rapid deployment, remote communications platform
  • Capable of handling extreme environmental conditions
  • Fully self-contained, towable by light vehicle
  • Latest generation 4G LTE transmission
  • Automated satellite backhaul acquisition and tracking

The Challenge

  • Highly remote and harsh terrain
  • No available communications infrastructure
  • Increasing reliance on centralised applications and systems
  • No on-site IT-support personnel

“The Autonomous Rapid Communications platform can only be described as a production geologists nirvana.”

The conditions in Australia’s remote interior are extreme. Intense heat during summer, cyclonic conditions and extreme dust create an environment which tests man and machine. Add to this, the remote locations which are rarely serviced by road, let alone modern, high-speed connectivity.

These are the conditions that Australian companies face on a daily basis as they work to locate the next potentially lucrative find to fuel the never-ending global demand for resources.

With digital mine operations the focus for enabling high performance, exploration teams are still working the way they have for years with results being collated, and only shared with head office personnel once someone can drive in the data to the nearest centre with high-speed connectivity to upload it – sometimes several weeks after the activity has taken place.

A major mining organisation wanted to change the game. The way they accessed exploration data was highly inefficient and impacting the ability of the organisation to make fast decisions and update head office teams on the performance of field operations.

They wanted a solution which delivered high-speed connectivity, would survive the harshest of environments, was self-contained and could be deployed with minimal requirement for specialist support.

Aqura took on the challenge and the result is the Autonomous Rapid Communications (ARC) platform.

The ARC is a direct result of Aqura’s innovation approach and blends clever thinking from across the business from technology to infrastructure to create a unique platform.

The foundation of the ARC is a heavy-duty mine specification trailer which acts as the backbone for all of the essential services that integrate to deliver high-speed wireless connectivity to remote workforces.

Changing the Game

The ARC platform changes the game for remote area communications.

The components include:

Automated Satellite Backhaul

The Aqura ARC utilises an automated satellite backhaul acquisition and tracking module

Onboard compute

Local computing resources make the ARC highly powerful. The compute platform supports bandwidth optimisation, security, routing and deduplication of data to be uploaded through the satellite backhaul.

Powered Up

The ARC also features power generation and UPS to ensure reliable operations of the backhaul, transmission, cooling and transmission systems

High Capacity Transmission

Fully integrated small-cell 4G LTE network via a pneumatic mast which features wind-speed sensors for safe operation

Bringing it Together

The beauty of the ARC solution is the ability for it to be deployed and just work. The work undertaken to integrate all the operating components was where the Aqura team added the greatest value.

“There have been many attempts to bring together high-speed remote connectivity into an easily transportable form factor, but more importantly can operate effectively and support remote staff and not have to turn them into an IT technician to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

The standout of the ARC is that it integrates everything into a platform that works together seamlessly which gives remote personnel an asset, rather than a liability.”

Travis Young

Chief Executive Officer, Aqura Technologies

The ARC solution has embedded remote support capabilities and can be accessed via remotely to update configurations, adjust network traffic management and managed remotely to trouble-shoot any performance issues.

Leading Edge Connectivity

The ARC delivers many benefits for remote workers which they have dreamed about.

High Speed Local Wireless Network

The integrated 4G LTE environment supports high-speeds, creates a local network which facilitates use of technologies such as PTT over LTE and data transfer between locally networked field devices.

Reliable Coverage

The pervasive coverage offered by 4G LTE, delivers connectivity up to 5km from the ARC, which is not affected by line of site or other environmental constraints that can compromise other RF signals.

Low touch support

Automated satellite tracking, remote monitoring and management tools are embedded in the localised compute function which means low, or no-touch IT Support.

In addition to a high capacity 4G LTE network, the ARC can be configured to deliver services over Industrial WiFi or LoRaWAN for IoT support.

Learn more about our Remote Autonomous Communications platform here.

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