CAN we Cast it? Yes, we CAN

CAN we Cast it? Yes, we CAN.  

The growth in on-line entertainment casting from personal devices has massively increased in only a few short years and with it, casting from personal devices that hold the entertainment apps. But if you are spending time in a remote FIFO accommodation room today, it’s pretty rare to be able to cast to an in-room TV.  

What has driven the demand in casting functionality is the significant growth of streaming video services which are highly portable and can be taken with the user wherever they go, as long as they have access to the Internet.  

By the numbers 

If you’re into the stats, in 2019, streaming services were forecast to grow over 20% CAGR1, and the demand to be able to access streaming and being able to cast was being felt by remote area FIFO accommodation providers who wanted to respond to their guest needs but found it hard to deliver. 

 Aqura’s team loves to overcome challenges with smart technology approaches and understood how important it was to be able to enable remote workers to relax with the entertainment of their choice when they were winding down.  

 Michael Petrossian, Head of Products at Aqura shares the story. 

 “We had a lot of customers who loved the ability of our Complete Access Network platform to support streaming and access personal communications platforms like WhatsApp® and Facetime®.

Increasingly, more started asking if they could cast from a personal device to their in-room TV like they did at home.” 

Michael Petrossian

Head of Products and Marketing, Aqura Technologies

Taking matters into our own hands 

The Aqura team took on the challenge and reviewed what was available in the market. An extensive search identified options, but they didn’t quite hit the mark. Not wanting to suggest a sub-optimal approach, Aqura’s product developers focused on creating an internally developed solution founded on human-centric design.  

“We looked extensively at casting options that were available in the market and many solutions were hardware intensive, added additional administration overhead or weren’t geared to a simple user experience,” said Petrossian.  

“With commercial solutions not in line with expectation, we set on a path to develop a solution which was focused on the user experience first, and then align the technology to deliver,” said Petrossian.

A ‘Simple’ Approach to Casting 

What may seem like a simple act that we do in our homes every day is actually very complex to replicate in accommodation precincts. With many different users, diverse user devices and TVs in close proximity, a lot of work had to be done to ensure that a user could only cast to their own TV, create minimal support and admin overhead and was simple enough for non-technical users. 

A significant component of work in developing the Aqura Complete Access Solution (CAN) was to make the complex, simple.  

Extensive user centric design was executed to guide technology development which resulted in a very clever product which leverages readily available devices so user access and casting is as simple as connect, scan, and go.  

“The reception to CAN Cast has been fantastic. Users really love the simplicity of connecting to their TV and being able to watch their personal streaming shows like they would at home.  Our clients are also loving he the fact they can upgrade their existing fleet of TVs, extending the useful life of their investment.,” said Michael.

A better solution for accommodation providers 

The simple user experience of CAN Cast creates less overhead for accommodation providers as the onboarding process is automated. There’s no complicated user management. Users simply connect their device to the designated Wi-Fi network, create their owna password (one-time process), scan and then they can cast away.  

The addition of casting adds to the security, bandwidth management and fair-access features of CAN in a very reliable, easy to use and highly-cost effective platform which removes the need for costly Pay TV subscriptions. 

And with the CAN Cast solution able to be easily deployed over an existing Wi-Fi network, there’s less capital required for expensive servers and the support that goes with it.

A Platform with a Future Roadmap 

One of the great benefits of creating your own platform is that it creates a framework to add more functionality.  

“Now we have conquered the issues with casting, we’re now looking to the future to develop and add more integrations,” said Petrossian.  

“Imagine a fully connected room where onboarding happens via a personal device which connects to the Wi-Fi, opens the door lock, activates a smart speaker, starts the aircon and lights and automatically connects your device to the TV. We’re not imagining it anymore. We want to build it.” 

Contact us to learn more about Complete Access Networks and how it enhances remote worker wellbeing. 

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