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Redefining Entertainment Access for Remote Workers

Content Access Network

The Challenges

  • Deliver Internet and Content Access services for a 1,700 bed remote accommodation precinct
  • Scale the solution to deliver uncompromised service at shift end
  • Ensure fair distribution of available bandwidth amongst all users

The Outcomes

  • Project delivered and now expanded to encompass additional sites
  • Better than expected optimisation of backhaul
  • Very positive feedback from users about the service delivered

It may seem easy to deliver Internet and communication services to a 1,700-room accommodation precinct, but when you are over 1,600km from the nearest capital city, it’s harder than you may think.

For one major mining operation, they needed a fresh approach to the delivery of Internet and Content services to ensure their employees could get access to entertainment services to relax and communicate with their loved ones during their time away from home.

Alan Seery, Managing Director (Acting) of Aqura Technologies, has first-hand knowledge of the challenges with access bandwidth in remote areas. “We know the critical necessity of bandwidth to support high-performance digitally-driven mining operations, but when bandwidth is sometimes regarded as more important than water in remote areas, non-operational use of bandwidth risks being a casualty” says Seery.

“For our global mining client, they didn’t want this to be the case and wanted a solution for a new accommodation precinct that could maximise the use of available bandwidth and deliver their employees a high-quality content experience when they were away from work.”

Creating the home-away-from home experience

Aqura’s Complete Access Network (CAN) solution was the right solution to deliver a better entertainment solution to enhance employee well-being.

The CAN platform has gained popularity as it better satisfied the needs of accommodation providers who were tired of inflexible and costly solutions which bundled in expensive Pay-TV and delivered a less than optimal, limited Internet experience.

Seery outlined the drivers for a better content network model.

“Many FIFO employees have their personal devices, such as smartphone, tablet and laptops, their own personal video streaming providers and they want to keep up with their favourite series, and communicate via the platform of their choice, when they want” said Michael.

“The traditional content delivery networks in accommodation are geared to Pay-TV and aren’t tailored to support the growing diversity of streaming content (video on demand) providers and communications platforms.”



IP-Focused Service Delivery

Agnostic content model – BYO-streaming

Smart bandwidth optimisation

Bandwidth scaled to device and content type – video, browsing, music streaming

Simplified provisioning

Device access managed by permissions which are easily configured via online portal

Highly Secure

Embedded firewall with content whitelisting and external intrusion detection/protection

Modular or Fully Integrated solution

Full integrated from backhaul, core network (firewall, user access, routing), through to access layer – Wi-Fi, GPON, Docsis, or modular to ‘bolt-on’ to existing infrastructure

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