Connectivity in Aged Care

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Connectivity in Aged Care

Improve Your Aged Care Facility with Evolving Technology

In recent years there has been a fundamental shift in the standard of service aged care facilities are expected to provide. To add to this, the global pandemic we are currently experiencing requires aged care providers to access procedures and tighten up processes to reduce risks. Yet, even before this new wave of improved care, providers are faced with a client base that has become more digitally astute—and how to best meet their needs.  

For example, tablets and smart speakers, such as Google Assistant are becoming desirable in independent living and residential care. Not only do they help minimise feelings of isolationthey also enhance learning and support engagement with the external community.   

With the new regulations in effect due to COVID-19aged care residents have become more isolated than ever. With already limited resources, facilities are struggling to manage the increasing demand for digital solutions that enable communications with family, friends and doctors.  

Balancing Operations and Personal Access

Traditionally Wi-Fi networks in aged care facilities have been configured to support operational needsInitiatives such as tablet roll-outs were implemented to support digital care plans and online medication management, but the Wi-Fi infrastructure was not designed or scaled to also serve the needs of residents. 

Despite these challenges however, there are cost-effective solutions for quality digital connectivity that truly benefit aged care staff and residents alikeIn fact, at Aqura we’ve successfully worked with a number of facilities to address their needs for an affordable solution, that delivers high-performanceacross a heavily tasked wireless network.  

How We Can Help

A well-designed network not only optimises operations but also enables residents to co-exist without compromising speed, services and connectivity. At Aqura we’ve achieved excellent results with our technology approach, as our solution precisely delivers high performance distribution by integrating a smart core with wireless access point (WAPs). The secret to our solution is in our ability to simultaneously manage critical data types such as telehealth video consults or video calls to family, alongside lower priority tasks such as streamlining videoemail and web browsing, through our smart handling technology that scales to treat high-speed demands. 

Technology teams may argue that separating wireless networks into defined virtual connections (VLANs) can do the same, but virtual networks are fixed and can’t scale up and down according to time of day or traffic typeWith Aqura’s Content Access Network (CAN), operational network traffic can be automatically classified for higher priority early in the day, followed by resident connections which can be prioritised in the evening to support social engagement with family or even watching streaming services.  

Technology: Enabling a Better Experience for Everyone

While it’s still unclear if or when the effects of COVID-19 will cease to impact our lives, the longer-term investment in better connectivity will continue to benefit organisations and the people they serve long into the future. 

Talk to our team today about your resident and operational connectivity needs. 

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