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Creating Better Client Outcomes

In mid-2020, the aged care sector adopted the Industry Visitor Code in response to COVID-19, which outlines safe practices for visitors, residents and staff at aged care homes. One of the challenges the providers have had to deal with is breaking down barriers for residents, while not compromising on safety. This has seen many providers look to new and innovative technology solutions, such as converged and high performance Wi-Fi networks. 

These facilities are looking to deploy future-ready solutions and maintaining a healthy balance between operational costs and end-user expectations is key. The Aqura Content Access Network (CAN), which optimises user experience for internet, voice and entertainment in one platform, is helping them keep pace with our changing world. 

Balancing Operations with Private Use

Applications and devices that utilise a great deal of bandwidth require more wireless backhaul capacity. One tricky aspect of balancing users on a wireless network is the ability to allocate scarce backhaul to many different users––just turning up the backhaul isn’t an effective or viable solution 

Smart routing and application bandwidth matching for traffic management over Wi-Fi are excellent answers to avoid buffering and internet speed fluctuations. This isn’t just about setting up VLANs – but rather it involves using advanced device management to automatically allocate bandwidth by device and application. 

For example, a basic data application such as a digital medication chart doesn’t require as much bandwidth as a video-enabled telehealth cart. On the flip side, the video cart may not be used all the time so its unused bandwidth can be smartly redistributed across other devices until it’s needed. 

High Quality Distribution

What’s more, Aqura CAN simplifies device management with easy-to-use online management tools. When paired with industrial-grade Wi-Fi access points, these tools ensure superior connections and optimal user experiences. 

For example, the new generation of Wireless Access Points (WAP) from Ruckus not only provide an upgrade path to WiFi 6, but also offer integrated IoT capability, whether the user is on Wi-Fi, Zigbee or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This effectively converges multiple networks and saves considerable costs in managing multiple platforms. It also minimises costs of running additional physical cabling. 

End User Focused Technology

Ultimately, the Aqura Content Access Network (CAN) delivers superb experiences for end users––whether it’s a residential client using a tablet to video chat with familyan enrolled nurse utilising a digital medication app, or a PCA logging an online timesheet. Each user has distinct needs, and a smarter access network is the best solution to easily and cost-effectively meet everyone’s unique needs. 

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