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Delivering connectivity on tap for Sunwater

Leading technology and telecommunications infrastructure specialist and Telstra Purple company, Aqura has unveiled what it believes is a first-of-its-kind in Australia wireless network design at Burdekin Falls Dam in North Queensland. 

Equivalent in size to four Sydney Harbours, Burdekin Falls Dam supplies water for irrigation, urban and industrial purposes across northern Queensland. With significant maintenance programs in place to ensure safe and efficient operations, Aqura was enlisted by dam owner and operator, Sunwater to solve network inconsistency issues throughout the dam, in addition to enabling video and voice call access within all internal working areas.  

Sunwater General Manager of ICT Operations, Rohan Dwyer said, “With extensive digital tools used for collaboration across our operations, one of our goals is to equip our field teams with the level of connectivity they would expect in a corporate office, so they can utilise our safety systems, maintenance applications and collaboration tools regardless of location.  

“We set Aqura a challenging task, with our brief encompassing delivery of wireless connectivity across long, curved galleries and down multi-level stairwells. Given the complexities, we are extremely pleased with the result and the final network has delivered well above our specifications.” 

Rohan Dwyer

Sunwater General Manager of ICT Operations

Aqura’s Radio Frequency engineers undertook a detailed study and review of the engineering plans to architect an Industrial Wi-Fi 6 enabled network, which now provides seamless connectivity as a user moves through various sections of the dam.  

The new network ensures that engineers regularly inspecting the dam remain in continued contact with external teams when conducting maintenance or inspecting the many internal galleries criss-crossing the dam wall.  

Aqura’s Acting Managing Director, Alan Seery added that overcoming the technical challenges of effectively long, curved tunnels is something Aqura’s Radio Frequency engineers enjoyed.  

“Our design team loves challenges like those we were given by Sunwater. We like to push boundaries with what is possible, and we are delighted by the outcomes we’ve been able to deliver,” said Seery.   

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