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Fast, remote edge connectivity – SatUTE

Remote mobile commmunications

The Challenges

  • Remote area connectivity to support real-time project monitoring
  • Limited IT support in field
  • Connecting diverse sensors across challenging, remote terrain

The Outcomes

  • Mobile, automated satellite backhaul, outdoor Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN solution
  • Less than 3 minutes to large area Wi-Fi and Lora coverage with one operator
  • Diverse connectivity options (Lora, Wi-Fi) in a highly mobile LV configuration

Business efficiency, environmental governance and safety systems all rely on timely, quality data to ensure agile and optimised decision-making.

With new data processing technologies able to analyse and process so much more data than ever before, businesses are demanding more data from the source to enable faster, data-driven decision-making and optimisation in operations.

But when the source of the data is thousands of kilometres away, in some of the harshest terrain around, or many kilometres out to sea, the ability to reliably, promptly, and cost-effectively gather and transport that data to where it is to be analysed becomes that much harder.

That was, until Lewis Woolcott developed their SMART (Site Mapping and Resource Tracking) platform. SMART uses GPS and Bluetooth location reporting technology to determine when project resources are on site, and which tasks they are working on.

Aside from the project controls focus of the SMART platform, the tracking of people and assets can enable better site safety by leverage digital safety systems in near-real time and interactions can be recorded for future review and improvement.

To help with enabling the SMART platform, Lewis Woolcott partnered with Aqura to create a mobile communications centre, integrated to provide network connectivity and backhaul to SMART devices allowing them to operate in the most remote, secluded locations in the country.

Activities in remote areas should not suffer a lack of connectivity to support digital applications.  


Dan Woolcott, co-founder of Lewis Woolcott highlighted how critical accurate and timely information was in the delivery of major projects.

“Construction projects can be highly challenging to coordinate, given the many moving parts of capital-intensive assets, raw materials, plant and people. Throw in tight timelines, multiple stakeholders, escalating costs, and shrinking delivery deadlines, the need to optimise efficiency, minimise risk, and stick to the project critical path needs information and resource data in a timely and reliable manner,” says Woolcott.

“Our SMART platform can bring together the myriad of moving parts utilising industry-leading devices and best-in-class planning tools, but reliable, cost-effective remote area connectivity is always a key enabler. This is where we partnered with Aqura to access their specialists for a reliable and high-performance connectivity: – the final solution – the SATute”

Dan Woolcott

Co-Founder, Lewis Woolcott

Leveraging Clever Thinking

Aqura’s engineering team love coming up with solutions to complex challenges. Lewis Woolcott brought the challenge to the table.

The brief was to create a highly mobile communications hub that brought together automated, enterprise satellite backhaul, self-sustaining power systems, broad area wireless connectivity for IoT and field mobility devices and make it portable enough to fit on a light vehicle.


A Better Way With Wireless

Alan Seery, Aqura Chief Operations Officer reinforced the necessity of reliability and coverage to support large sensor deployments.

“The unrelenting pace of digitisation doesn’t care where you’re located. Organisations that are far from civilisation rely on the latest technology as much as those in metro areas,” says Aqura Managing Director, Alan Seery.

“That’s where we close the gap. We have developed a unique capability in being able to deliver technically complex solutions which are easy to deploy and simple to use.”

Alan Seery

Managing Director, Aqura Technologies

If you would like to learn more about SatUTE or Lewis Woolcott’s SMART platform, contact us and one of our team will be glad to provide a demonstration.

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