“Your call can’t be connected” Avoid the ISDN Switch Off

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“Your call can’t be connected.”  Avoiding the ISDN Switch Off

Old HandsetsFor many years ISDN was the reliable servant for office PBXs everywhere. In 2016 ISDN’s days were numbered with the announcement that the underlying technology supporting ISDN would be retired. Fast forward to 2019 the disconnections have started. So, the deadline to migrate is fast looking.

With big shoes to fill, the replacement technology for business is tried and proven SIP, which offers businesses the opportunity to move to a digital technology which offers better value and additional services compared to traditional ISDN.

When moving to SIP, here’s four tips from Eddie Hsieh, our resident UC specialist, to consider.

“Upgrading your business phone system can be tricky if it’s not planned well, but it is important, and with the decommissioning of ISDN, a must.”

  1. Make sure your PBX is compatible
    Many PBXs are locked away in a room somewhere and forgotten. Upgrading to SIP does require an IP-PBX, or specialised adapter.
  2. Use the upgrade as an opportunity to re-assess your business phone needs
    The forced change is a good time to look at how your staff use the phone. Do they need additional services such as voicemail to email, call routing, a better reception capability, soft-client for mobile, even simplified call centre capability?
  3. Negotiate better call rates
    With so many providers, call rates are more competitive than ever. Chat with your provider about all in packages which bundle all national, local and mobile calls into simple monthly packages which are much friendlier on business cash flow.
  4. Take a look at all your communications services – voice and network
    As SIP uses modern IP technology, it typically shares the same infrastructure as ethernet, or other network connections that are used in business. Consolidating services can result in a better network and communications solution

Upgrading your business phone system can be tricky if it’s not planned well, but it is important, and with the decommissioning of ISDN, a must.

Any need to upgrade presents opportunities and make the most by choosing a partner that specialises in communications, can offer flexibility and has a strong relationship with technology and voice service providers to ensure you get the results your business needs.

Chat with our team of UC specialists who have years of experience in understanding business needs and delivering solutions offer the best features, whilst being highly cost-effective.

Eddie Hsieh is a specialist in Enterprise Telephony and is a certified Mitel Specialist. He has a great deal of experience in helping businesses achieve better performance and value from their investment in communications.

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