Keeping connected when work isn’t a short commute 

The world of remote accommodation can be one of two extremes. There can be highly remote locations which offer the very basics – food, cot and shower.  

Then you have the ‘luxury’ edition with swimming pool, gym and more.  

But only one element can greatly reduce the remoteness and the isolation experienced from both extremes…quality Internet connectivity. 

Only a few short years ago, people working in remote locations in mining or oil and gas would head off and might be heard from now and then when a satellite connection was available.

Fast forward to today, remote workers and their family and friends need, and expect, quality Internet access to be able to keep in touch when they are away. And the importance of this can’t be understated.

Don’t just take our word for it 

Many studies and senior government investigations clearly identified that access to quality connectivity is an essential requirement to support worker wellbeing, and we are focused on ensuring end-users have the best possible experience.  

In fact, quality connectivity has been included as an essential in many industry codes of practice where accommodation for remote workers is provided.  

Using smart technology to improve wellbeing

Aqura started on the journey of remote accommodation networks several years ago. Our field team delivered a number of projects for customers to upgrade their camp fibre networks and install Wi-Fi. At the time, our customers were recognising that people didn’t just want access to Pay TV, they wanted access to the Internet to keep in contact with family. A few years later, streaming video services exploded in popularity.  

Michael Petrossian, Aqura’s Head of Products commented that Aqura’s timing was spot on to listen to user needs and create a new standard for remote worker connectivity.  

“Our entrance into the FIFO accommodation connectivity market was timely as workers were used to communicating at home via the apps of their choice. Facetime®, Facebook Messenger® and WhatsApp®, said Petrossian.  

“When people went to work in remote areas, they were increasingly demanding quality Internet to continue being connected to family and friends which was putting pressure on traditional networks geared to deliver Pay TV with Wi-Fi coming second.” 

A total, end-user focussed package 

Aqura’s Content Access Network solution was developed which integrated  

  • High quality distribution network based on GPON 
  • Advanced user management  
  • High quality in-room Wi-Fi  
  • Free to air TV (MATV)

The solution flipped connectivity on its head to focus on user experience.  

“We listened to what users wanted and our team created a robust platform which could deal with optimised distribution of expensive and finite backhaul, quality access via Wi-Fi and ensure all users would have a fair and equal experience with their own devices whether they were on Facetime® with their kids or watching their favourite streaming series.” 

Mitchell Gooden

Head of Products and Strategy

The CAN solution has been highly popular with one of Australia’s largest miners rolling out CAN across all their Pilbara accommodation villages with great success.  

The home experience when working away 

Aqura’s Complete Access Network builds upon the quality framework with a simplified onboarding process which reduces administration of users and a simple ‘scan and go’ process to connect personal devices to in-room TVs (but not their neighbours!).  

“We haven’t finished the journey, we have closed the gap between home and remote-area work, but we have some more interesting features ahead” said Gooden.  

Aqura’s enhanced Complete Access Solution doesn’t require expensive, bespoke hardware and in many cases can re-use elements of the existing entertainment system. There are no apps that need to be downloaded with streaming available from existing apps that a person would normally already be using on their device.  

Contact us to learn more about Complete Access Networks and how it enhances remote worker wellbeing.  


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