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Point of Sale Machine

How Smart Commercials Advance Digitisation

We recently visited the goldfields region of Western Australia, and it was a very insightful for us. One thing that stood out amongst the many companies we spoke to was the desire to advance digitisation in their operations. What was also common was that the cyclical nature of mining and the shorter mine life found in smaller projects made it hard to invest. We continued the conversations in Queensland and had the same feedback from many in the industry there.

So, how can mining operations leverage technology to support digitisation when they are faced with a shorter mine life than larger projects and there’s high competition for capital?

Here are some suggestions for approaches that won’t break the bank and get you on the fast-track to realising your digitisation initiatives.

Point of Sale Machine

With the modular approach of Private 4G as your base, you can easily add new functionality such as Mission Critical Push-to-Talk, industrial IoT sensors, digital safety systems and more.

Traditional capital acquisition is still available, but increasingly new customers are looking at a blend of Opex and Capex models to preserve hard to get capital for other operational activities.

Think Modular

The option of Opex acquisition for mine technology helps to support scaling of projects that start off small and are expected to increase in size over a few years. Capital assets such as towers can be acquired up front, but with capacity to allow for future upgrades.

The network can be commissioned to suit the requirements of start-up phase and then scaled to increase capacity once production is ramped.

Modular Build

With most modern high-performance edge networks now leveraging virtualisation, it’s far easier to right-size your network as you go. Gone are the days of forklifting out the old systems and bringing in big shiny boxes at great cost. The global 3GPP standards provide assurance that any technology investment in Private 4G will roadmap to 5G and then onto 6G when that comes. And like any technology platform leveraging clever software and virtualisation, upgrades aren’t as onerous as in the past.

The path to upgrading to the latest technology is now easier than ever so you can fast-track you way to the benefits of advanced high-speed wireless networks across your operations.

Have the conversation with our team to share some of the clever commercial models that we’re developed to help get operators the technology they need today, without the pain tomorrow.

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