ARC Skid – Supporting Remote Worker Wellbeing

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​The commitment that major resource operators have made to support wellbeing in their workforce has seen major investments in upgrades to large remote worksite accommodation precincts, but the challenge remains for small, short-term, mobile work camps.

Aqura’s Chief Operating Office, Alan Seery, set the Aqura team the task of designing a communications solution for remote workers in small camps that was cost-effective, fast to deploy, could prioritise by data application or device, providing an opportunity to connect.

“We know that satellite in remote areas is a precious resource which means it’s typically business only use. We knew there was a better way which would balance business needs with providing remote workers the ability to connect to loved ones at the end of the day,” said Alan.

​“The ability to connect with loved ones before or after a shift is a major influence on wellbeing. For small, remote camps there is still work to be done and we wanted to help fix that.”


Introducing the ARC Skid
Alan’s challenge was taken up by Aqura’s Products and Engineering teams who designed, engineered and released to market the Autonomous Remote Communications (ARC) Skid.

The ARC Skid is a small form factor, high-performance communications platform that integrates an automatic acquire and tracking satellite system, onboard firewall with content management, with large area coverage outdoor provided by an industrial grade Wi-Fi access point.

“Whilst there are other solutions in market, we have focused on adding even more value by making the ARC Skid cost-effective and simple to use,” said Alan.

“We’re thrilled with the results and initial feedback from prospects has been fantastic! The biggest thing is they love the simplicity of setup and the fact that bandwidth can be opened up for personal use when business use isn’t high.”

Engineered for simplicity
What sets the ARC Skid apart from other offerings is the engineering design time that has been invested to enable the platform to be fully operational in under three minutes, by one non-technical operator with three button presses.

A fully automated acquire and track satellite dish takes care of ensuring a high-quality satellite connection where manually aligned dishes can take significantly longer to end up with a less than optimal result. Inside the airconditioned comms cabinet is an enterprise grade firewall and content management platform. Site distribution is handled by a weatherproof industrial Wireless Access Point, mounted atop a six-metre electric lift mast.

Enabling Work and Play
The real wellbeing bonus is that during work hours, a dedicated corporate wireless connection takes care of operational needs, including a secure a VPN connection back to the office. But when work for the day is over, an alternate Wi-Fi network can be switched on to allow separate, managed access for personal use.

This can allow bandwidth managed access to Wi-Fi calling, Facetime or WhatsApp calling, social media, customer authorised streaming services and other applications. Managing the bandwidth through the ARC Skid network not only optimises backhaul use, it ensures that all users can fairly share available bandwidth.

Easy to use, easy on the budget
The ARC skid is cost-effective and comes with included satellite data and support for a low monthly fee, with terms as short as three months.  Customers can also tailor the satellite service to their specific needs.

All an operator has to do is connect power, press three buttons, and they are away.

Alan added that with connectivity so critical in all facets of everyday activity, those in remote areas should be able to rely on high-performance, secure and accessible connectivity.

“We’re really happy with the way the ARC Skid has been received and really happy to know that technology can not only enhance business productivity in remote areas but address the gap to improve wellbeing of extreme remote workers when they are away from home.”

Alan Seery

Chief Operating Officer, Aqura Technologies

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